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Preparing toddlers for the arrival of a new baby

Many children adjust well to the arrival of a new baby in the household, however a sizeable number experience some jealousy and/or aggression to the newborn.

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Having another baby: when’s the best time?

When is the right time to add another baby to the family? Hannah Davison considers 'the gap'. I did the maths, consulted my phone’s fertility app and questioned my sanity; but apparently – if we wanted a two-year age gap between children – it was …

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5 books about new siblings

Books are a great way to help your child understand the changes a new baby brings. We recommend the following:     …

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10 tips for welcoming a sibling

Say hello to baby number two Who can blame a first-born child for stroppy behaviour when faced with a tiny bawling bundle who takes all your mummy's attention and energy when previously you were the apple of that mummy's eye and her sole …

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Preparing for a new sibling

Mummy's got a surprise for you! How can you prepare your youngster for the arrival of a sibling? Child psychologist Epenesa Olo-Whaanga offers advice. Welcoming a new baby into the family can be a major transition for everyone - not …

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Tips for life with toddler and newborn

Having children close together in age has so many benefits, and as they grow, your children will spend hours playing together. But in the early days after you bring your second baby home, the task of parenting two children can seem overwhelming! …